- Version Information

grplayer v1.094 built031011
grplayer list v1.023 build030930

- About This Program

This program replays a game record of GnuBG or Snowie text output. A purpose is to replay a game record on the internet without using any specific application.

If you find any bug, opinion, or question about this program, visit and post at http://gammon.mify.net/

I welcome if you give me cool board design on this program! ( This program needs checker images, cube and dice images, and point images. )

- Help

  1. To download text data file, click (snowie) or (GnuBG) link from the list of the game record.

- With special thanks to

Sho Sengoku
Art Grater

This program was written by Mirori; starting from July, 2003.

このプログラムは、GnuBGとSnowieのゲーム解析結果text出力を Web上で再現できるようにしたスクリプトです。 BUG情報、ご提案、ご質問等 ございましたらご連絡ください。